Floral LED Lights

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Set Descending Direction
  1. 2-Pack Mini Deco String Lights - String of 40 Lights -Cool White Warm White
    低至 $11.25
  2. 3-Pack Mini Deco String Lights - String of 20 Lights Assorted Colors
    低至 $8.20
  3. Diamond Waterproof Floral Lights LED
    低至 $2.90
  4. Deco String Light 10 LED Vine Light Colors Available
    低至 $2.95
  5. Waterproof 3 LED Lights - Assorted Colors
    低至 $0.49
  6. Acolyte Submersible LED Floralytes PACK OF 10
    低至 $12.40
  7. 7" Illuminating 23 LED Centerpiece Light Base
  8. LED Floral Accent Light III (Also Underwater)

27 项目

Set Descending Direction

Is your wedding, backyard BBQ, corporate party or surprise birthday party closely approaching? Do you want it to be as memorable as possible? Add a splash of color and light to your special day with these affordable lighting options. This attractive lighting will help create a one of a kind experience at your next event or party.

的se lighting varieties include floral accent light and light bases in all different sizes to illuminate your centerpiece of any vase of your choosing. We have diamond shaped LED lights and fairy blimp lights in an array of colors that will help lend a special ambiance to any event or occasion. Specially priced submersible lights go great in any vase or as table accents. Batteries are available for all our lovely LED lighting options.

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Our selection of lights can be used in multiple ways, none of them have one specific function. We encourage you to create with your vision in mind while using our products. It is important to note that battery life is different between all products and backup batteries should be purchased if your party or event is scheduled to last more than 10 hours.

航运 rates for party and event lighting should not be very expensive but we always recommend using our shipping calculator on the shopping cart page so you are not surprised by the cost at checkout. We strive to provide the lowest prices on all our products.

Make sure to review the rest of our website and find all your floral needs at much cheaper prices than you would find at your neighborhood flower shop!