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  1. Floratape Stem Wrap ½"- 2 rolls per pack (30 yds. each)
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  2. Floratape Floral Tape Stem wrap 1" wide

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Many designers and DIY customers would be lost without floral tape and floral glue to help them in their process of creating. Florist tape is an essential tool when creating floral bouquets or starting work on a boutonniere.

Wholesale Flowers is happy to be able to offer our floral tape and glue to help you create wonderful bouquets and beautiful tabletop arrangements. We have different kinds of tape for different circumstances and a few types of glue for the heavy-duty projects.

Recommended Products: Tape & Glue

  • Create a checkerboard on top of your glass vase using Water-Resistant tape for an easy way to arrange your flowers.
  • Use waterproof green tape to anchor your floral foam to a design tray.
  • Once your bridal bouquet is just how you like it, wrap the stems with 1” FloraTape to create a strong hold.
  • If tape is not working for you, consider our Floral Adhesive for a much stronger and durable hold.
  • Purchase a low temp glue gun for help with your next floral project. Don’t forget the glue sticks too!

Our extensive selection of affordable tape and glue is an amazing resource for floral designers or for first-timers. These items include floral stemwrap, waterproof floral tape, transparent tape, floral adhesive and hot glue. We have brown floral tape and green floral tape to choose from when wrapping your bouquets, before adding your final ribbon wrap.

Are you in a rush to receive your flower tape? Consult the shipping times on the upper left corner of our website for timetables on when to expect your shipment. Wondering how much your clear floral tape may cost to ship? Simply open your shopping cart when all desired items are in it and use our shipping calculator. This will give you a list of shipping options based on the zip code that you enter!

The tape and glue section is not the only place you will find savings, in fact, the entire website has discounted bulk pricing. This savings is not dependent on the number of items ordered, as you can purchase one vase and get the same price as everyone else.